The cause of Vlastimil Pechanec – Murderer or victim of the System?!

In 20.7.2001 Gipsy Otto Absolon was stabbed by unknown person at the discotheke, what took place in bar „V Zatáčce“ in Svitavy. He was transported to hospital, where he died of traumatogenic shock at 9:25 next day. Vlastimil Pechanec, at that time 21 years old boy, was with his friends at the same discotheke in the same time, when the murder happened. In the day of Absolon’s death he was call out to local police station to give an explanation. He was questioned and accused of murder with racial undermean in the evening. Next day he was attached for very absurd reasons – they said: he get dressed clothing belonging to Skinheads‘ movement.

In 17.10.2002 After canceling sentence from 29.3.2002 he was adjudge to be quilty for crime of murder with racial undermean by Regional Authority in Hradec Králové again. He was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment.

He immediately appealed against decision of the court to Supreme Court in Prague, but it gave him exceptional sentence to 17 years imprisonment with higher-security.

In the present time Vlastimil Pechanec is serving a sentence in state prison „Plzeň-Bory“.

This cause is accompanied by plenty of mistakes from police of Czech Republic, investigator of Regional Authority for investigation in Hradec Králové and the court also.

The list of mistakes is extensive, so we are choosing only several points at random

  • Police didn‘t ensure clues and potential results in scene of murder
  • Police didn‘t persecute alleged offender in black, who should running towards public garden of Jan Palach
  • Investigator of Regional Authority for investigation in Hradec Králové didn‘t question all of witnesses (even not witnesses who were in scene of murder)
  • Scheme of scene of murder didn‘t agree with reality
  • The court ignored expertise from field of medical jurisprudence, what gave proof, that this case couldn‘t happen so, how witnesses of prosecution mentioned
  • In witnesses testimony opinion Pechanec were standing face to Absolon and stabs were leading so, that it correspond to an attack by lefthanded person – Pechanec is righthanded person

Prosecution contained a lot of contradictions in the testimony also, f.e.

  • Witnesses for the prosecution desribed offenders description, that didn‘t agree with Pechanec‘s look and clothing (they said: offender was dressed in black or dark clothes, he was fair-haired and didn‘t have a beard. Pechanec was dressed in light jeans and white T-shirt, he is dark-haired and he had a beard at incriminate time (this fact are flowing from entry of police of Czech Republic too.)
  • Alleged murderous weapon – pocketknife with size 7,5 x 2,5 cm, what was find by waitress at discothec yard in day after crime, didn‘t accord with size of stabs in victim‘s body (these stabs were 15 cm deep and 2 cm wide)
  • Knife have no clues (finger prints, effluvial clues, victims DNA – no clues were find on clothing, after test of DNA neither), so it was subsequently taken out of proofs and termed for faint.

The other elusive facts of this case are

  • People, who were in immediate vicinity the aggrieved person in moment, when the murder attack accured, gave describe, what agreed with offender‘s describe - f.e.: Leoš Řezník and especially Robert Homoláč
  • Řezník‘s uncle is the policeman, who came to secure the scene of crime.
  • Homoláč‘s aunt was a judge of Regional Court in Hradec Králové for a long time (mgr. Jílková)
  • Anarchist Jakub Polák, deputy of Absolons family, said for defendant‘s benefit
  • He warn of contradictions in the testimony of Gipsies
  • His reminders didn‘t take into account
  • On the top of it, in the day, when he should make a final speech as an deputy in court, where he wanted show to all the inaccuracies, Absolons family abridge him of procuration.
  • Polák is the last person, who would be willing to speak for Pechanec‘s benefit, without having a weighty reasons for it
  • Suprisingly he said in public, that Pechanec is not a murder, but a victim of inability state organs to try administer justice rightly
  • Somebody else is a murder.

All of these facts were bring us to an opinion, that Vlastimil Pechanec is not offender this crime, so we commit ourselves in his cause with objective to initiate renovation a trial.

Till this time we were making these steps

  • Mrs Pechanec, defendant‘s mother, and many other people asked for presidency mercy, but all of this petitions for mercy were turn down.
  • We asked for help ombudsman – public counsel of law. Thanks to fact, that the cause id closed in law aspect now, so ombudsman didn‘t reach to it.
  • We adressed several lawyers, but the cause is controverse, so many of them refused to receive it or they asked for charge, what we don‘t be able to pay.
  • At last we found a lawyer, who is obliging receive this case for standard charges (unfortunately still not small for us).

Lack of finances is the biggest problem for us in this moment, so we are addressing to you, public, with request:

Help us serve a sufficient number of finances to pay all of needed law acts.
Pechanec is it today, who need help and you can be it tomorrow!
Don‘t be unconcerned!
You can help by cash money or the other kind of help to:
Banking account at support causa is (from foreing)
IBAN : CZ4606000000000189703833

You can contact Vlastimil Pechanec also:

Vlastimil Pechanec - 9.11.1979 , PS:335-1/5-1 “D“ , Klatovská 202 , Plzeň-Bory , 306 35 ,Czech Republic. (In prison is censorshit!)


More information: http://WWW.PECHANEC.INFO
Tel. +420607143818

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